Profiler™ Fabric Inspection Systems

COMVIS Profiler™ is a vision-based fabric inspection system capable of automatic detection of visible deviations in wide uniform fabrics.

Profiler™ on Loom

The Profiler™ for Looms multi camera bar is a vision system designed for inline surface inspection and quality monitoring of fabric on weaving machines.

VIU™ Inspection Systems for Seatbelt

COMVIS VIU™ is the industrial standard as it comes to high speed automatic quality inspection of all kinds of seatbelt webbing, such as Worldweft, Ecotec, Rukaflex and 5-panel.

COMVIS VIU 1E-F-H-L seatbelt inspection system

VIU™ Inspection Systems for Rigid Narrow Fabric

COMVIS offers a variety of VIU™ (OEM) systems for narrow rigid webbing, such as seatbelt webbing, dog leashes, belts for load securing, fall protection, airbag tether, hoses, etc.

VIU™ Inspection Systems for Elastic Tapes

The VIU™ for Elastic & Rigid Tapes & Flat Cords uses the proven technology of the VIU™ for Seatbelt to perform high-end automated inspection on elastic tapes and flat cords.

Automatic Inspection of Elastic Tapes & Flat Cords

VIU™ on Loom

VIU™ for Looms are suitable for integration on looms/weaving machines for all kinds of woven loom state fabric, such as seat belt, lashing straps, tapes, lifting and load securing belts.

on loom narrow fabric inspection, defect detection on textile