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COMVIS delivers machine vision software and inspection systems for automated fabric inspection and other surfaces in continuous processes. With 25 years of experience, we provide our customers flexible automated solutions for quality determination of all kinds of surfaces. For instance (technical) textiles, woven and nonwoven materials, (industrial) fabrics, paper, metal, foils, sheets and panels.

With the use of our vision inspection systems, equipped with COMVIS Texplorer™ CORE inspection software, millions of meters of material is inspected for spots, stains, scratches, warp and weft defects, broken filaments, edge defects and other deviations in the surface.

COMVIS delivers a wide range of standard but modular inspection systems for narrow (rigid and elastic) fabrics such as seatbelt, dog leads, cords, tapes, hoses and advanced technical fabrics. Our inspection systems for wide fabrics are often integrated inline and suitable for the inspection of e.g. outdoor fabrics, automotive fabrics, denim, medical textiles and non woven, kevlar, protective fabrics and other technical textiles.
Our Texplorer™ CORE software suite is the heart of all our standard and customized inspection systems. It is suitable for all kinds of defect detections tasks on flat surfaces. Its modular setup let us configure the software completely to the inspection needs of the customer. Texplorer™ CORE shares the inspection results real time with Texplorer™ DDMS management software.
Texplorer™ DDMS is providing both realtime and offline defect information from the Texplorer™ CORE inspection software. It's providing the operator realtime or process delayed defect images, as well as a History with clickable defects in a road map. The album viewer can be used as a protocol editor for editing, merging or removing defects from the protocol or enrich the session with customer specific information. You can synchronize the session data with all kinds of ERP or MES systems.

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COMVIS VIU™ is the proven industrial standard as it comes to high speed automatic quality inspection of all kinds of seatbelt webbing, such as Worldweft, Ecotec, Rukaflex and standard webbing.
Profiler DIY Surface Inspection System for Fabrics, Textiles, Composites, Aramid and Plastics.
Profiler™ DIY is a versatile machine vision inspection system for automatic inline surface inspection of continuous materials, such as fabrics, composites, aramid and plastics.
The COMVIS VIU™ for Elastic & Rigid Tapes & Flat Cords uses the proven vision technology of the VIU™ for Seatbelt to perform high-end automated inspection on narrow light rigid and elastic tapes and flat cords.

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