Texplorer™ SERVER

Texplorer™ SERVER is a Microsoft SQL Server based relational database management system. It performs data replication from all connected VIU™ and or Profiler™ inspection systems running Texplorer™ CORE. It backs up both the inspection data, as well as the inspection recipes and performs Texplorer™ version/revision control. Edit or review your roll protocols of all your inspection systems over Texplorer™ DDMS Protocol Editor and export the cut plan, for later use on your cutting machines.


  • Texplorer eco system

    The seamless link between Texplorer CORE Inspection Software, Texplorer DDMS Protocol Editor and Texplorer DDMS Protocol Viewer.

  • Data replication

    Replication on configurable time interval or trigger based.

  • Roll back

    Provides roll back control for change management processes.

  • Recipe management

    Provides recipe management and synchronization between inspection systems.

  • Dedicated network or VLAN

    Available as all-in-one solution, including TexplorerServer Box or Hybrid Box in a dedicated Texplorernetwork or over a VLAN.

  • Trigger on events

    Send triggers to third party systems to actively anticipate on specific changes in the production or inspection process based on the live inspection results.

SQL Databases

  • Texplorer™ DDMS Database

    Archiving and synchronizing inspection sessions from all connected workstations for Texplorer™ DDMS Protocol Editor, Protocol Viewer or Live Viewer purposes.

  • Texplorer™ CORE Recipe Database

    Archiving and revision management of Texplorer™ CORE recipes for all connected workstations.

  • Texplorer™ CORE Live Defect Database

    Live meta data defect database for active sessions for all connected workstations. For instance to create triggers in digital transformation platforms, such as Inductive Automation Ignition.

  • Texplorer™ Application Database

    Archiving and revision management of Texplorer™ applications (CORE, DDMS, FrontEnd, Services) for all connected workstations.