VIU™ for Looms

On loom surface inspection systems for narrow fabrics
VIU Loom Box for inspection of tapes or seatbelt on a loom

The VIU™ Loom Box is an inspection device for automatic on loom inspection of rigid narrow fabric, such as seatbelt webbing. It uses 2 cameras and 4 line lights to inspect front- and back side of 2 tapes. Each camera image is split in half via the Texplorer™ CORE software; left side for tape 1, right side for tape 2. The VIU™ Loom Box furthermore contains support shafts to guide the material through the housing and keep the tape positioned in front of the cameras.

The housing is constructed with an aluminum profile system, covered with light weight Alubond® panels and two smokey brown polycarbonate doors. On the backside of the housing a junction box is mounted. Here are the terminal strips located to provide 24 Vdc power supply. Additional terminal strips are added to field wire the I/O of the cameras, to for example individually process digital defect outputs that can be used to stop the loom in case of severe quality. In this way, repetitive defects can be prevented in time.

The VIU™ Loom Box is mounted high above a loom. Optionally, the VIU™ Loom Box can be equipped with a pull motor system that follows the speed of the loom based on a configurable torque.

  • On loom inspection
  • 2 tapes per camera
  • Standard tape width up to 50 mm for 2 tapes or 100 mm for 1 tape
  • Accurate width measurement (+/- 0,05mm)
  • Automatic edge detection
  • Detection of all kinds of surface defects, edge filamentation, edge anamolies, width defects, etc.
  • Connect multiple VIU™ Loom Box devices on 1 Texplorer™ Vision Box

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