Profiler™ for Looms

Automated fabric inspection on loom

The Profiler™ for Looms multi camera bar is a vision system designed for inline surface inspection and quality monitoring of fabric. Profiler™ detects all kinds of (weaving) defects and other deviation in the material, directly after the reed. Due to its modular and compact design, the inspection system can be integrated or retrofitted onto all kinds of looms / weaving machines or warp knitting machines. The use of Profiler™ on your looms or warp knitting machines prevents long-running defects and provides immediate quality information of your product.


100% quality inspection at the source

Determine the quality of your greige and loom state fabric at the source of the production process. Prevent the production long running defects and/or B-quality fabrics and reduce waste.

Profiler™ for all material widths

Profiler™ is delivered according to your material width, and directly ready for use after integration on your loom.

Backend & Frontend

Customized synchronization between backend and frontend systems of customers and Texplorer™ software.

Texplorer™ CORE

All our inspection systems run with our Texplorer™ CORE inspection software. The Texplorer™ CORE software is adapted to the specifications of the VIU™ or Profiler™.

Texplorer™ DDMS

Texplorer™ DDMS stands for Defect Detection Management System. It visualizes the running quality of all connected Profiler™ camera bars. This dashboard is a graphical presentation of the quality in your weaving mill. It furthermore gives you tools to organize all inspection data, in order to export or synchronize only that information which is relevant for your organization and customers.


Profiler™ Backlight
A transmitted light source is used for (semi) translucent fabrics. The Profiler™ Backlight is especially designed for perfect integration in for instance (Dornier) air jet looms.

Profiler™ Front lights
For non-translucent fabrics Profiler™ Frontlights are used, providing homogeneous light onto the inspection area.

General features

Automatic edge detection & ROI

The Texplorer™ software automatically finds the edges of your material and determines the ROI for surface inspection.

Surface inspection & width measurement

Profiler™ runs our Texplorer™ CORE T3 inspection module, which guarantees outstanding inspection results in combination with easy article setup.

Remote service & support

We provide remote service to our customers for software updates, license extensions and technical support. In this way, we are always able to guarantee a quick solution, where ever you are in the world.

Integrated timing module

An ethernet interfaced timing module can be configured in such way that it will send out a digital output if to many defects appear in a specified length. In this way you can stop the loom if long running defects appear in the fabric.

Ethernet connection

Easy access via the standard ethernet connection. A separate ethernet port is available for remote service support and can be excluded from the companies network.

Reflected and/or transmitted illumination

Depending on the type of material, back- or frontlights are used or a combination of both. The illumination setting is saved in the article and can be recalled anytime you run the article again.

Examples of defects

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