Textile Inspection Systems

COMVIS is leading in machine vision software and textile inspection systems for automatic camera based surface defect inspection. We have 25 years of experience in providing our customers textile inspection systems for both narrow and wide fabric. With the use of our vision inspection systems, equipped with our Texplorer™ software, every year millions of meters of textile are inspected for weft and warp defects, spots, stains, broken filaments, edge and surface defects and any other kind of deviation in the surface.

Narrow webbing inspection

Through years of experience COMVIS realized an extensive range of textile inspection systems for narrow webbing, with proven technology. But since no process is the same, we engineered our inspection systems in such way, we are able to easily implement changes in the initial design. For almost every position in the production process we can provide a suitable inspection solution. For example on loom, after fixation or dyeing, before the winder or blocker or off process running the material through our inspection system from box to box.

Wide fabric inspection

The COMVIS textile inspection systems for wide fabrics are suitable for surface defect inspection on many uniform or striped textiles and non-woven materials. Our COMVIS Profiler™ camera bar is developed for on loom inspection and can be mounted on every weaving machine. It detects warp and weft defects and other deviations directly after weaving. The COMVIS Profiler™ camera bar is also suitable for surface defect detection further in the process, for instance in coating lines, hotmelt applications or other finishing lines.

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