VIU™ voor Elastische banden & platte veters

Automatische inspectie voor Elastische banden & Veters
Automatic Inspection of Elastic Tapes & Flat Cords

If you are a manufacturer of high volume tapes, cords and other narrow elastic or rigid fabrics, and you need your product to be 100% inspected before it leaves the factory, you know it is almost impossible to perform this manually with the human eye. Not to speak of the inconsistency that comes with conventional visual inspection. Your aim: Always delivering high and consistent quality products for a competitive price. That calls for innovation and efficiency.

The COMVIS VIU™ for Elastic & Rigid Tapes & Flat Cords uses the proven vision technology of the VIU™ for Seatbelt to perform high-end automated inspection on narrow light rigid and elastic tapes and flat cords. The modular setup provides the possibility to either choose for a semi-automatic configuration which stops the defect on a small VIT (visual inspection table), or the fully automatic configuration with 1 or 2 label applicators which labels the defects on the fly. The new VIU™ comes standard in 2 widths: 5 – 25 mm tape width, or 25 to 70 mm tape witdh.

Wat wij bieden

  • 25 jaar bewezen ervaring in inspectiesystemen voor smalle weefsels
  • Hoogwaardige machines en software geproduceerd in Nederland
  • Wereldwijde service, ondersteuning en onderhoud op afstand
  • De best mogelijke inspectieprestaties

VIU™ Kenmerken

  • inspectiesnelheid tot 150 m/min
  • Volautomatisch met label applicator
  • Halfautomatisch met VIT (visuele inspectietafel)
  • 2 modellen: 5 – 25 mm breedte en 25 – 70 mm breedte

VIU™ met Label Applicator(s)

The basic VIU™ is semi-automatic. In other words, the defects stop on the small VIT (Visual Inspection Table). Here, an operator can cut out, fix or mark the defect. But of course, stopping the inspection system drastically decreases the average inspection speed and thus affects the optimum efficiency. Furthermore, an operator has to be present at the machine to act on a found defect, before it can proceed.

For that purpose, the basic VIU™ can be extended with one or even two label applicators to label the found defect(s) on the fly, without the need to stop or slow down the inspection system. Single defects or a group of defects are labelled with the use of one label applicator. A special label algorithm merges defects within the specified ‘minimum label distance’. A second label applicator can optionally be used to set a ‘minimum length of good material’ using 2 different colors of labels.

Our labels are specifically designed to be easily released from the backing material of the roll in the applicator, but on the other hand have optimal adhesion characteristics on woven cotton, elastane or (semi) poly materials. The stainless steel guiding plate below the applicator enables a fine adjustment, to precisely apply labels on the smallest fabric widths.

Automated inspection of elastic tapes

Makkelijke bediening via HMI

De complete VIU™ wordt bediend via de gebruiksvriendelijke HMI. Artikelinstellingen van de Texplorer CORE™-inspectiesoftware kunnen worden geselecteerd via het tabblad Artikel op de HMI. Selecteer uw artikel, klik op start en het inspectiesysteem is klaar voor gebruik. Verder kunnen instellingen voor inspectie, stopafstand en foutclustering worden aangepast. Maar ook taalinstellingen en gebruikersautorisatie. Alarmen en tellers worden weergegeven op het hoofdscherm. Bijvoorbeeld: J-box vol, Knoop gedetecteerd, Deuren geopend, Veiligheidsschakelaar geactiveerd, aantal gevonden fouten en de totaal geïnspecteerde lengte in meters.


Algemene knoppen

  • Start/stop
  • Load article
  • Speed selection
  • Reset counters


  • Defect clustering
  • Material settings
  • Stopping distance
  • User level authorization


Alarmen & notificaties

  • J-box level sensors
  • Knot detected sensor
  • Belt detected sensor
  • Door sensors
  • Safety switches
  • Watch dog signal



  • Vision defect counter
  • Filament defect counter
  • Applied labels counter
  • Belt inspected meter

Examples of materials

The VIU™ is suitable for automated inspection and the detection of defects in woven tape, herringbone tape, elastic webbing, braided tape, twill tape, suspender belt, cord ribbons, straps, grid band, mesh, raschel tape, warp knitted narrow fabric, elastic bands for lingerie, corsetry, swimwear, jacquard tapes (optionally) with a standard width between 5 and 70 mm.

How to guide tape through VIU™

Quick demonstration video of how to guide the tape through the machine if you insert a material for the first time.

Buitengewone inspectieresultaten

Texplorer™ CORE inspectiesoftware op de VIU™

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