FD3™ Filament Detektors

Sensors for detection of broken radial filaments in woven narrow fabrics up to 55 mm.
comvis FD3 sensor detects broken filaments on narrow fabric (for example seatbelt)

Filament Detection Sensors (FD3) are especially designed to detect radial- as well as edge filaments on narrow textile up to 55 mm width. It is especially designed to meet the high industrial standards of seat belt / automotive industry.

FD3 can be used for production speeds up to 120 meter per minute. FD3+enc is equipped with an encoder and used for production lines with variable speed and stop. Standard FD3 is used for constant speed.

FD3 has 2 digital outputs; one for large and one for small defects. With the FD software, sensitivity adjustments can be made. The digital outputs are directly available for your PLC.

One bracket is used to detect broken filaments on the top side of the fabric. The second bracket is used for the bottom side of the narrow fabric.


RS485 interface

Up to 24 FD3’s on a single RS485 multidrop


Internal trigger and external triggering via encoder, software selectable.


2 digital outputs (24 Vdc) for large and small broken filaments


Solid distribution of the webbing via heavy stainless steel transport blocks

Fabric width

Suitable for narrow fabrics with widths from 8 to 55 mm.

High speeds

Suitable for speeds up to 120 m/min
COMVIS FD3 filament detection sensors detect broken filaments on narrow fabric

FD3™ Manager Software

With the use of the FD Manager application, users are able to configure and setup the FD3 filament detection sensors under Windows software. The user interface of the software is easy in use. Settings are made directly with the push of a button.

Depending on the level of authorization, operators or managers see different functions in the FD Manager. The manager functions appear after login with personal login and password.

FD Manager is available in different languages, for example German, Dutch, English, Chinese, French and Spanish.

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