Defect Analyzer

Once Texplorer™ Core has inspected your material, you want to know the running quality. The Defect Analyzer application makes a graphical representation of the running quality. It visualizes defect types by color and number and shows yardage, speed, etc. Defect images are stored and can be showed in the defect analyzer, giving information about the kind of defect, size, position and the reason why it has been detected. Defect Analyzer also features the possibility to display the defect image once the defect passes the position of the operator, further away in the process.

  • Yardage information
  • Speed information
  • Defect classification
  • Defect size
  • Defect position
  • Stores images incl. defect data, position and timestamp
  • GUID for every found defect
comvis texplorer defect analyzer