Texplorer Core

State of the art image processing software for surface defect inspection of (industrial) fabrics, webbings and other woven and non-woven materials.

COMVIS Texplorer Core for surface defect inspection of textile fabrics and non woven material.

Texplorer Manager

Manage cameras, illumination and inspection settings. Load and save articles. Start and stop your inspection sessions.

COMVIS Texplorer Manager

Defect Analyzer

Display defect images on the correct moment in the process. Graphical representation of the running quality of your inspection session.

comvis texplorer defect analyzer

Protocol Editor

Display a piece map with a defect concentration graph. View, edit or merge defects and export roll protocol as *.csv for quality reporting or cutting protocols.

COMVIS Protocol Editor


Loomguard gathers all defect information from the on loom filament detectors or vision inspection systems and displays the information in a dashboard.

COMVIS Texplorer Loomguard

FD3 Manager

Manage the settings of your Filament Detection Sensors. Adjust sensitivity, invert outputs, set up your pulse width and manage triggers.