Profiler™ for Looms

The surface inspection vision system for automated quality monitoring of fabric on looms and warp knitting machines.

The COMVIS Profiler™ for Looms multi camera bar is a vision system. It is designed for inline surface inspection and quality monitoring of fabric. Profiler™ detects all kinds of (weaving) defects and other deviation in the material, directly after the reed.

Due to its modular and compact design, the inspection system can be integrated or retrofitted onto all kinds of looms / weaving machines or warp knitting machines. The Profiler™inspection system for looms is deliverable for any loom width.

COMVIS Profiler™ camera bars run the latest COMVIS Texplorer™ T3 image processing software. Providing the customer outstanding inspection results in combination with easy article setup.


100% quality inspection

Don’t be satisfied with less than 100%. Determine your fabric quality at the source for 100%. Have complete control over your proces. Improve quality by avoiding scrap or off-quality. Save time and increase efficiency.

Profiler™ for each loom width

Profiler™ Loom is delivered according to your loom width, and directly ready for use after mounting on your weaving machine without the need of calibration.

Backend & Frontend

Customized synchronization between backend and frontend systems of customers and Texplorer™ software.

Texplorer™ iPC platform

Profiler™ runs on our Texplorer™ iPC platform. It is possible to connect multiple Profiler™ Loom camera bars to one single platform. Besides the fact this makes the setup cost efficient, it is also user friendly and grants easy access to all inspection systems.


Defect Detection Management System visualizes the running quality of all connected Profiler™ camera bars. This dashboard is a graphical presentation of the quality in your weaving mill. It furthermore gives you tools to organize all inspection data, in order to export or synchronize only that information which is relevant for your organization and customers.


Profiler™ Backlight
A transmitted light source is used for (semi) translucent fabrics. The Profiler™ Backlight is especially designed for perfect integration in looms. It delivers outstanding inspection results.

Profiler™ Front lights
For non-translucent fabrics or due to certain circumstances we Profiler™ Front lights. Which are to be mounted on the Profiler™ camera bar profile. It delivers focussed light onto the inspection area. This way, it will not get in the way of operators.

General features

Digital (alarm) output

Automatic edge detection & ROI

Remote service & support

Ethernet connection

Integrated timing module

Reflected and/or transmitted illumination

Material examples



Machine clothing




Examples of defects

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