Wide Fabric Roll-to-Roll Inspection System

Our roll-to-roll inspection systems for wide fabric defect inspection are suitable for all kinds of grey and finished wide fabric webbing, non-woven and technical textiles, such as screens, sieves, (medical) bandage, base layers and other woven and non-woven materials.

  • Roll-to-roll inspection (from A-frame to A-frame)
  • Fabric width up to customer requirements
  • Speed up to customer requirements
  • Accurate width measurement (+/- 0,05mm)
  • Automatic edge detection
  • Edge defects
  • Vision filament detection
  • Surface vision filament
  • Automatic labelling of defects
  • Graphical overview of the running quality expressed over the last 1000 meters
  • Colored dots represent the defect type
  • Counters for applied labels, vision defects, filament defects
  • Export and sync methods for cutting protocol
comvis wide fabric vision inspection unit. quality inspection of wide fabric.
COMVIS vision inspection system for wide fabrics.

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