Profiler™ Roll-to-Roll Surface Inspection

High-end wide fabric surface inspection systems suitable for roll-to-roll inspection on tenter frames, blockers, winders and coating machines.

Our high-end wide fabric inspection systems are suitable for tenter frames, blockers, winders, coating or laminating machines and other roll-to-roll applications.

The system detects all kinds of deviations in the surface of the material combining very high image resolution with speeds up to 100 m/min. The system is suitable for all kinds of grey and finished wide fabric webbing, non-woven and technical textiles, screens, sieves, (medical) bandage, base layers, denim and other woven and non-woven materials.

Both transmission lighting as well as reflection lighting can be integrated in the application, depending on the inspected material.

Found defects are stored per inspection session and directly available in DDMS™ for protocol editing, analyses, export and synchronization.


  • Roll-to-roll inspection (from A-frame to A-frame)
  • Also suitable for stenters / tenter frames
  • High resolution area scan or line scan cameras
  • Transmitted light and/or backlight
  • Fabric width up to customer requirements
  • Speed up to 100 m/min (faster on request)
  • Accurate width measurement (+/- 0,05mm)
  • Automatic edge detection
  • Edge defects
  • Vision filament detection
  • Surface vision filament
  • Automatic labelling of defects
  • Protocol editing
  • Export and sync methods for cutting protocol

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