VIU™ Inspection System for Seatbelt

The standard single-end Vision Inspection Unit for high speed quality inspection of seatbelt webbing.
comvis vision inspection systems for seat belt webbing

COMVIS VIU™ is the standard single-end vision inspection system for all kinds of seatbelt webbing, such as Worldweft, Ecotec, Rukaflex and standard webbing. It meets the high standards for automotive safety webbing. It is often used in the make up area and/or directly after the dye range. The motor speed of VIU™ is dancer controlled. The system has a label applicator for physically labelling of defects or a group of defects. It runs up to 100 m/min. Watch the introduction video of the COMVIS VIU™ seat belt webbing inspection system.

Human Machine Interface

Via the user friendly interface, simple settings are made. For instance, minimum label distance, language, counter reset. Also the inspection can be started and stopped. The HMI also contains counters for yardage and found defects.

Image Acquisition

The VIU™ is equipped with either area scan or linescan cameras. This is determined together with the customer. Even as the option for a second camera, which is to be mounted under a specific angle.

Camera #1
Detects most of the defects. Measures and detects width, edge and surface defects.

Camera #2
Detects surface damages, such as scratches, broken fibers and knots which are only visible under a specific angle.

Labeling defects

COMVIS VIU #1 labels single or a group of defects. The fabric is physically labeled with a label applicator. Without the need of stopping or slowing down the production process.

Label defects with special ferrous barcode labels have multiple advantages. First of all, further in the production process, the labels can easily be detected by an inductive sensor. After detection you can stop the found defect on the manual inspection table.

Furthermore, with the barcode on the labels you are able to trace back the defect image(s). And finally, ones the textile is processed, you are able to anticipate on upcoming labels if you cut the textile in specific lengths. In this way, you minimize waste to nearly zero.

comvis narrow fabric label applicator labels detected defects on textile
comvis FD3 sensor detects broken filaments on narrow fabric (for example seatbelt)

Filament Detection Sensors

VIU™ is equipped with COMVIS Filament Detection Sensors (FD3™). FD3™ sensors are especially designed to detect radial- as well as edge filaments on seatbelt webbing up to 55 mm width. It meets the high industrial standards of the automotive industry.

Defect examples

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