Narrow Fabric Inspection System

COMVIS offers a variety of textile quality inspection systems for narrow fabrics, such as seat belt webbing, tapes, elastic belts, hoses, industrial belts for strapping / lashing, etc. Together with the customer we determine how we can fit the inspection equipment into the process. For instance before the blocker/winder, or after dyeing the fabric. But also standalone systems where material is processed from box to box. Inspection systems for narrow fabric are available as single end or multi end. For instance 2, 4 or 8 tapes in 1 system.

  • Suitable for rigid and elastic webbing
  • Inspection speed up to 400 m/min
  • Dancer controlled speed (optional)
  • Webbing tension air pressure controlled (optional)
  • Plasma coated haul motor (optional)
  • Speed adapted automatic labeling (optional)
  • Missed label detection (optional)
  • Strobed LED illumination
  • Accurate width measurement (+/- 0,05mm)
  • Automatic edge detection and width measurement
  • Edge defects
  • Vision filament detection
  • Surface filament detectors
  • Surface inspection with 2 cameras (perpendicular and angled light)
  • Adjustable minimum label distance for defect clustering
  • Graphical overview of the running quality expressed over the last 1000 meters
  • Colored dots represent the defect type
  • Counters for applied labels, vision defects, filament defects
  • Export and sync methods for cutting protocols
comvis vision inspection systems for seat belt webbing

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