The modular surface inspection vision system

COMVIS Profiler™ gives access to complete new possibilities within wide webbing surface defect inspection. The modular and compact design of the camera bar enables the integration of automated inspection in applications that used to be impossible. 

Based on the customers inspection demands, the camera bar profile is configured by length, necessary camera resolution (pixels per mm) and mounting height. The flexible configuration of the COMVIS Profiler™ camera bar, in combination with the latest Texplorer™ inspection software result in a very powerful machine vision solution for all kinds of surface inspection tasks.

COMVIS Profiler™ Camera Bar - The surface inspection vision system

General features

  • Easy integration in all kinds of machines
  • Run multiple Profiler™ systems on one Texplorer™ platform
  • Max. material width ‘unlimited’
  • Up to 100 m/min (depending on configuration)
  • Profiler™ backlight- or frontlight systems
  • Encoder input and integrated timing module
  • Digital output for found defects
  • Only 1 Ethernet-, 1 Power- and 1 I/O connector


  • Determine your quality at the source
  • Improve quality by avoiding scrap or off-quality
  • Save defect information and defect images for quality management purposes
  • Easy installation and article setup


  • Looms / weaving machines
  • Stenters
  • Hotmelt applications
  • Coating lines
  • Laminating systems

Material Examples

  • Kevlar
  • Bandage
  • Outdoor fabrics
  • Machine clothing
  • Screens
  • Seeves
  • Filters
  • Composites
  • Technical fabrics

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