Texplorer™ DDMS

Defect Detection Management Software

Our new release of Texplorer™ DDMS combines all previous standalone management applications in one single powerful environment. This results in an easy to use application for defect management. Texplorer™ DDMS is a SQL based management system providing realtime and offline defect information from the Texplorer™ CORE inspection software. It acts as a Defect Analyzer, providing the operator realtime defect images or on the correct moment in the process, as well as a History with clickable defects in a road map. Furthermore, the DDMS dashboard can be used as a Protocol Editor, editing, merging or removing defects from the protocol or enrich with customer specific information, before synchronization or exporting the inspection run for quality management purposes. For instance, synchronization to your ERP system or using the session for a cut optimization plan.

General features

Defect Analyzer

Display the defect image on your screen only when the defect passes the position of the operator.

Quality Graph

Monitor your quality threshold value.

SQL database

Easy connecting front-end or back-end systems


Graphical representation of the running quality, showing defects on a road map.

Protocol Editor

Edit, remove or merge defects, invert protocol, export quality reports or cutting protocol.


Multiple preconfigured workspaces for single, or multi camera inspection systems.

Defect Map

The History Graph is the graphical representation of the (running) quality, showing defects on a road map. All defects are clickable, opening the corresponding defect image. When hovering over the defect, it displays defect information. For instance, type of defect, position, camera, etc. History Graph also contains smart algorithms to merge or combine multiple defects within one camera image.

Texplorer DDMS Defect Map, a matrix containing all the detected defects from the Texplorer CORE inspection session.

Quality Graph

Quality Graph monitors your quality threshold value. The maximum amount of defects can be set over a specific material length. Defects below set threshold are displayed in green, when exceeding the maximum value it appears as a red bar. The Quality Graph is an easy to use tool for the manager or operator to quickly see if the maximum amount of defects per X meter is exceeded.

Protocol Editor

Protocol Editor contains tools to edit, remove or merge the defects in the viewer and add extra or relevant batch or customer specific information to the protocol. Smart features are available to cluster defects and spots within a specified area. Classify defects based on your classification and give a severity to clustered defects based on severity rules the user can configure. For instance the 4-Point-System. You can export the session to the SQL database for quality reports, synchronization to ERP- or MES-systems or to use it in cut optimization software.

Texplorer™ DDMS Management Software
Texplorer™ DDMS Management Software

Defect Analyzer

DDMS can also be configured to be used as a Defect Analyzer. The Defect Analyzer features the possibility to display the defect image on your operators screen only when the defect passes the position of the operator. Very useful tool when the vision inspection system and operator position differ from each other. The latest defect image pops up onto the screen, a thumbnail is added to the row and a new bullet point is plotted into your road map when a new defect is found.