Texplorer™ CORE

Machine vision inspection software for surface defect detection

Texplorer™ CORE is the industry’s most powerful and modular inspection software for woven, nonwovens, (technical) textiles and other surfaces of continuous goods. Using a variety of state of the art image processing algorithms for detection of deviations in the surface and edges of materials.

Via the interface, cameras and illumination are configured, as well as inspection variables, edge- and width settings. Tooltips in the app quickly provide information about buttons and settings. All inspection settings, camera and illumination configurations are saved as an article.

COMVIS Texplorer™ CORE inspection software is hardware independent. Allowing us to directly anticipate on the fast changing developments in the market of cameras, illumination, computer technology and other machine vision components. This results in flexible, state of the art, high performance vision inspection systems.

Standard features

Illumination settings

Within the Texplorer™ CORE interface, users can activate or deactivate frontlights and backlight and control the intensity of the illumination. Settings for illumination are saved into an article setting. Every time an article is loaded, the illumination will adjust itself to the correct setting.

Camera settings

Configure your cameras’ gain and exposure and save the settings in your article. Manage all cameras and camera ends in the same user interface.


Mask certain parts of your surface manually to exclude it from being inspected.

User Defined Fields

Use the User Defined Fields to save specific information with your inspection sessions, such as Article nr., Batch nr., Customer codes, Roll nr., Operator nr., etc.

Edge detection

Texplorer™ CORE is able to automatically detect the edge or an edge transition in the camera image (if present). If the complete camera window is covered with the surface of the material, the ROI is maximized to the complete image.

OPC connection between PLC and Texplorer™ CORE

Load article settings, start and stop inspection sessions in Texplorer™ CORE over your own PLC and/or HMI using OPC communication.

Watchdog signal

Continuous monitoring signal providing alive status to (y)our PLC.

Inspection results

Raw inspection results in session folder with defect images and data XML + TIFF or JSON and normalized inspection results as CSV or SQL.

Inspection modules

Texplorer™ CORE inspection software consists of multiple inspection modules which can be activated or deactivated in a license. Each module is developed and optimized for specific inspection tasks. For example, finding small deviations in the surface or very large but low contrast stains. Other modules are strong in detecting filaments in the edge of the material or edge anomalies. Furthermore, Texplorer™ CORE contains modules for width measurement (relative or absolute).

Inspection Modules Description
Texplorer™ CORE T1 Defect detection in surfaces
Texplorer™ CORE T2 Defect detection in surfaces
Texplorer™ CORE T3 Defect detection in surfaces
Texplorer™ CORE Edge Anomalies Detection of anomalies in edges
Texplorer™ CORE Vision Filaments Detection of filamentation on edges
Texplorer™ CORE Horizontal Vertical Detection of specific horizontal or vertical appearing deviations
Texplorer™ CORE Width Detection Absolute and relative width measurement
Texplorer™ CORE Edge Detection Automatic detection of edge and edge transitions.
Texplorer™ CORE AVG Shade variation monitor
Texplorer™ CORE Patterns Defect detection in narrow patterns

Defect examples

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