Texplorer™ CORE

Texplorer™ CORE is the industry’s most powerful and modular inspection software for woven, nonwovens, (technical) textiles and other surfaces of continuous goods. Using a variety of state of the art image processing algorithms for detection of deviations in the surface and edges of materials.


Texplorer™ DDMS

Our new release of Texplorer™ DDMS combines all previous standalone management applications in one single powerful environment. This results in an easy to use application for defect management. Texplorer™ DDMS is a SQL based management system providing realtime and offline defect information from the Texplorer™ CORE inspection software.

Texplorer™ DDMS Management Software

FD3 Manager

Mit der FD Manager-Anwendung können Benutzer die FD3-Filament-Erkennungssensoren unter Windows-Software konfigurieren und einrichten.